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SkydiveXtreme is owned by Tony Goodman and is located in Southern California where it operates from a premier facility in the United States of America. We are about 20 minutes from Downtown San Diego and the International Airport and 2 hours from LAX.

Tony has been directly involved in the sport for over 28 years. He has 8000+ jumps with over 70 hours in freefall. His qualifications include BPA Advanced Instructor / Examiner, BPA & USPA AFF Instructor, USPA Coach, BPA Canopy Pilot Coach, Formation Skydiving Coach and USPA Safety and Training Advisor.

Tony Goodman skydiving instructor

Tony also has a distinguished military career having served for 25 years in the British Army. In that time he traveled to many parts of the world experiencing many different events. The army also taught him discipline, professionalism and attention to detail all of which is a reflection in how he operates and manages his AFF packages. As a competitor Tony has also won numerous awards and medals in various disciplines from National and Military Parachute Championships.

SkydiveXtreme is very particular about who we use as instructors and Tony has a small but dedicated and professional group of individuals on his team. He is fortunate that over the years he has grown to know his instructors not just professionally but personally also. Some selected instructors were even trained by Tony himself as a novice and therefore he has seen firsthand the progression and transition that they have made. He has a pool of about six that are located in the UK and ten that are based in the US creating a unique package in that SkydiveXtreme is the only school in the US that can offer either BPA or USPA AFF packages coached by BPA or USPA instructors.

Unlike most other schools SkydiveXtreme believes that one of the most important factors is the one to one interaction between the student and instructor. Therefore we dedicate the same instructor throughout the AFF Course program. This helps the student to cope with anxiety issues they may encounter but also to build a trusting relationship. With trust comes confidence and if you’re confident then you will progress.

Note: Where Skydiving is a fun and high octane activity it’s also a high risk activity. Regardless of the level of instruction there will always be that element of risk. However here at SkydiveXtreme we pride ourselves on attention to detail and safety is paramount. The risk factor will always be there but we help to minimise the risk by simply the interaction between student and instructor. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

Experienced skydivers at Skydivextreme California

Our facility

As we operate from the only skydiving resort in Southern California why not make a vacation out of it and bring your friends and family. Within an hour from our facility in either direction you can be skiing in the mountains in the winter or hiking through the trails in the summer or surfing in the Pacific Ocean all year round. SkydivExtreme can help and assist where necessary to make your stay a memorable one.

We operate 363 days of the year and are only closed on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. With our fantastic stable climate your course could be finished in as little as 3 days (including ground training) freeing up time to do some sight seeing. We are 20 minutes from Downtown San Diego and the International Airport and 2 hours from LAX and if you like to gamble then Las Vegas you can reach in 4 hours.

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Freefall and skydiving in California USA

Read our Skydive and Free Fall Student Testimonials

After experiencing a tandem jump 4 years ago, a friend and I decided to get our Skydiving Licence. We didn’t want to do it here in Switzerland (for a few reasons) and we started to look on the web for a nice drop zone in California. We luckily found and we organized our trip with Tony Goodman’s help. On the first day we did all the ground class and it was a bit windy so we decided with our instructor to do our first jump the following morning. And then it all started ! We had one brilliant coach, Nicole ELLIOTT, just for the two of us, who worked 7 days in a row in order for us to get our USPA A license (25 jumps) as quickly as possible. On the weekend we did 6 jumps a day and we were feeling quite sorry for the other students (not from the same school) who were jumping once or twice a day max.

We slept in bunk beds at the drop zone which were perfect for that kind of trip (15$ a night). Tony GOODMAN gave us few advice about what to do around Perris and we had a lot of fun going to those places, bars, outlets etc…. Tony organized everything in order to get us the A license as quickly and as cheap a possible. We will definitely go back there !

Do NOT hesitate ! 😉

Manoel Worrod, from Switzerland
When I first contacted Tony Goodman with my questions about Skydiving in California, he was really helpful and sent me everything I needed to know about the BPA AFF course. Tony arranged for a hugely experienced UK instructor to join us at Skydive Perris for the duration of the course. The ground training was extremely thorough, especially on the safety side. I felt totally confident that I was in safe hands, and really well prepared for my 1st Skydive of the course on the 1st January 2015.

Every jump of the AFF course was well explained and the drills well practiced before we went up in the plane. As a result we completed all 8 levels and 10 consolidation jumps in less than 4 days. I really liked that every AFF Skydive was videoed on a GoPro to help my progress on each jump, and it was a great memento at the end of the week.

Based on my experience, I can thoroughly recommend taking the BPA AFF Skydive course with Tony Goodman and his team. Whilst it was thorough and professional, we also had a huge amount of laughter and fun together. Without question Skydiving in California was one of the best weeks of my life thanks to Tony, his team, and the awesome community at Skydive Perris.

Luke Judge, Skydive Perris Jan 2015 Video
I had a free weekend at the end of my summer in the LA area, and I decided to spend it trying to get as much of AFF done as I could. In my search of places to do AFF, I found Skydivextreme. I contacted Tony, and he quickly set me up with an instructor for the weekend and everything else I needed. Tony and my instructor, Anmar, were both incredible–they were nice, professional, and a ton of fun! Anmar is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and she gave me amazing, personalized instruction, which helped me progress and fix my flaws quickly. Because I got private, one-on-one instruction, I was able to complete all of AFF and one coach jump over the course of one weekend, though I now wish I could stay longer! For anyone looking to learn how to skydive at a great drop zone with amazing people, I highly recommend Tony and Skydivextreme!

Thank you again for everything!”

Kat Zhou, Harvard College Student
My mate used to be the Chair of the Skydiving club at the University if Bath and was the only person I could really talk to about the sport – so when I asked where in the world he would go if he was looking to do his AFF properly, he said without hesitation, “Get to Perris in California, and ask for Tony Goodman!”… So that’s exactly what my girlfriend and I did!
SkydivExtreme was absolutely perfect for us. We had a planned a three week trip around California and was looking to get our A-licence ticked off in Perris!
With perfect conditions to almost guarantee jumping every day, we were able to schedule a week to get our BPA A-licences done with Tony.
Tony Goodman has a wealth of experience and contacts in the skydiving world – most people will know who he is, and this gave us real confidence in booking with SkydivExtreme.
He managed to fly a good friend of his out to support us with our A-licence, Tony Butler the BPA’s Chief Operating Officers.
Between these two, we were confident we were in safest possible hands. With their GoPros worn for every module we were able to fully review each and every jump – which not only made for great video footage to take away to show friends and family, but also helped us learn the basics as fast as possible!
After each day we would talk about the day’s progress over a beer in the dropzone’s bar – a perfect finish to a perfect day!
For great tuition at the world’s “Mecca” for skydiving with an instructor with a wealth of experience, look no further than SkydivExtreme!
Daniel O Toole
Whilst researching the best place in the world to take my AFF, several considerations were price, reliability of weather, quality and reputation of the drop zone and the professionalism of the AFF instructors. After a week of internet searching, all the people in the parachuting world were recommending ‘Perris Valley skydiving’ as the best drop zone and Tony Goodman as an ex military BPA AFF instructor amongst being a display parachutist and very well known in the industry. It was the best decision to take my AFF course in Perris as the drop zone has excellent facilities, very friendly atmosphere, close to some excellent towns and the skydiving tuition from ‘skydiveExtreme’ was honestly first class. I achieved my AFF in two days, completing my A license in 4 days. Tony is a very friendly character, with a permanent smile on his face, and he allows you to progress at your pace to maximise the training and to get results.

I have since been back several times to Perris as you are guaranteed the weather and a friendly welcome with SkydivExtreme. I have now jumped in Europe, UK and the USA and would recommend SkydivExtreme to anyone serious about learning to skydive.

Hi future Skydivers! I dream about skydiving from childhood, but it seems me something crazy and unreal. When I decided to spend my vacation in USA on west coast, and start look how to spend this days I saw advertising of SkydivExtreme by chance. I read all information and instruction but I still was doubt about team, place and most important how I understand all technical information on not my own language (I have quite poor knowledge of English). I decided to accept this risk, as all Skydiving it is risk. But to my surprise when I have arrived to Perris Skydive DZ, I understand I am on right place. From the first day I was meet by great team very friendly and professional. I have get individual approach, I don’t feel that this is assembly line for Skydivers. People around me really care me. I wasn’t a student I was one of the member of big family. I have spent great time not only in sky but during all day, 24hours! Pass AFF course and get A license during 2 weeks, how I know it is good results but the main services to SkydivExtreme! Now I live and continue to jump in UAE, Dubai and Parris quit far from here but I want and will go there just to see my friends and shake hands of my instructors.
Alexander, 28 from Russia
Thanks to all at SkydivExtreme,

I started my AFF course in September 2012 after ” tasting” my first tandem skydiving experience.
I loved it so much that I decided that I want to throw myself of the plane on my own. The whole experience was amazing and still is because I keep coming back for more… as a jumper. The staff and the instructors are very friendly, approachable and always happy to answer any “silly” questions for clarification as the safety of their students is always their highest priority.

I want to say a big thanks to Tony who’s professional yet friendly and fun approach made my experience even more entertaining. Plus, Tony’s cracking jokes are free of charge! Bargain!

Mira, Jumper from Slovakia
Skydive extreme has been awesome! From day one, the instruction was thorough and great fun. Done at the pace you wanted, by the end of the week I was achieving 5 or 6 jumps a day. I would recommend Skydive Extreme to anyone looking to get their A-License. If an intensive course, with great instruction, great facilities and the chance of walking away with your license is what you are looking for, look no further. Skydive Extreme has it all, and at a great price as well!
Callum Jones
I chose SkydiveXtreme after doing some research and having it recommended by friends who’d trained there. Also, they provided the bonus of letting me train directly for my BPA licence without having to convert later on.

Both ground and air instruction were of the highest quality. My primary and secondary jump instructors were excellent, friendly and full of infectious enthusiasm. Safety was the top priority, you won’t progress to the next level until the instructors are happy you know your stuff. Scheduling was also outstanding, with Tony accommodating my rather. Inflexible booking requirements. Perris itself is a superb DZ, great facilities and even on a slow weekday there were more loads going up than at other major airfields.

Add this to superb Californian weather and it all means you can complete your course more quickly.Overall: fantastic fun, competitive price, and professional safety-focused instruction of a quality that is second to none. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

David Greenfield, Virgin Atlantic A340 Pilot
Whilst serving in Afghanistan i contacted tony goodman through word of mouth,and after hearing great experiences with his previous students.
within days of me sending the email i was booked on a course and skydiving qualificaitons i was saught after became a reality.
i arrived at perris and both tony goodman and tony butler were there to give my a warm welcome after a long flight.
the next few days was spent preparing myself for freefall by means of ground school training. this ment absorbing up their vast knowledge and experiences needed to, and progress to pass my AFF.
after completion of my AFF and my smile growing bigger upon every landing, i soon progessed to consolidation jumps under brilliant instruction and coaching from nicole elliott. within days i was ready to undertake my jump to complete me to qualify as FS1.
throughout my entire time at perris and under guidence of tony goodman my time there was well worth every penny, the professionalism and safetly i was given was top class and after completing 35 jumps in under two weeks i came back to the uk with evrything i could have asked for.
thanks to everyone who was involved.
Ben Harrison, Parachute Regiment