The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Course is an 8 jump program under both the USPA and BPA and is the fastest way of becoming a qualified solo skydiver taking you from walking through the door with no previous experience to becoming qualified in as little as 2 days.

After 4 – 6 hours of initial ground training you will be ready to make your first descent, it’s as simple as that. During your ground training you will be taught numerous topics including body position in Free Fall, the sequence of the skydive including how to deploy your own parachute and how to manoeuvre your parachute through the sky in order to make a perfect landing in the center of the drop zone.

The parachute equipment that we use is state of the art and is especially designed to suit your needs at the right level and due to the long hot sunny days at our location our equipment is replaced on a regular basis preventing direct sunlight deterioration. All necessary parachute equipment and essentials are provided for your AFF course as part of the price.

Getting airborne

Once your ground training is complete we endeavour to complete your level one skydive as soon as we can. Initially you will start with 2 instructors then as you progress and gain confidence you will continue with just one instructor. Every instructional skydive will be captured on video using a modern HD camera by your instructor. At the end of your stay with us a copy of each descent will be offered to you completely free of charge so remember to bring a device to cross load the footage. For safety reasons you will not be permitted to jump with a camera personally.

For the BPA Course syllabus all except the last of your levels will be carried out from an altitude of 12,500 feet with the final jump being performed from 5,000 feet. For the USPA Course syllabus all seven levels will be performed from the higher altitude (please refer to the syllabus for more information). Before each descent you will be fully briefed by your instructor on what’s expected from you and will run through the sequence of events until you are 100% confident that you are ready to carry out the skydive. After each instructional skydive you will be fully debriefed using camera footage to show you the exact sequence of events.

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Becoming qualified under either system

The two most recognised parachute associations across the world are the USPA and the BPA. SkydiveXtreme is unique in the fact that it can cater for both. British Nationals or foreign nationals permanently residing in the UK will be taken through the BPA system as you have to be a BPA member to jump within the UK. Long term this will save you money and further explanation can be provided on arrival.

All other nationalities regardless of residence location will be coached under the USPA system. Both systems offer very similar Accelerated Free Fall Courses with the changes occuring post AFF through to completion of your A License. Please refer to the syllabus section for further information or contact us at

Please note that Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is a rapid course that qualifies you in a short space of time, and is therefore only recommended for individuals that are serious about taking up skydiving.

Skydivextreme is very particular when it comes to instructor choice and only uses selected instructors.

This way we guarantee expert tuition both on the ground and in the air. All selected instructors have a minimum of 3000 instructional descents. 

For the BPA A License course you should allow 7-10 days of continuous jumping. For the USPA A License you should allow 10-12 days of continuous jumping.

Becoming qualified with SkydivExtreme
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