Skydiving FAQ

Read through our Skydiving FAQ to help with any questions you need to know and be sure to get in touch if you need to speak to SkydiveXtreme.

Complete the online booking form and press submit. We will be in touch with you within 48hrs regardless of country of residence. We then keep in touch via email right the way through until you arrive at the facility. At any time if you have any driving questions don’t hesitate to ask.
The maximum weight that we can accept is 16 stone or 224lbs fully clothed. No exceptions.
SkydiveXtreme prides itself on a high reputation for safety and customer service. With a wealth of experience our instructors are highly qualified with multi national qualifications for both the British Parachute Association and United States Parachute Association. Some of our instructors are examiners and advanced instructors which means that for foreign nationals including BPA students all of your paperwork will be completed and signed prior to leaving this facility ready to be forwarded to the governing body on return back home.

We operate from a first class facility in Southern California that boasts 345 jumpable days of the year. We have multiple aircraft readily available and the view of the Pacific Ocean from jump altitude is just breath taking.

If you intend to jump in the UK long term after your course then the BPA syllabus will be your best option. The BPA provides liability insurance  to the sum of five million pounds but only to BPA affiliated clubs. Anyone else and even British Nationals residing overseas then the USPA syllabus is the course for you. On successful completion of your license both associations are recognized around the world.
We will provide you with all the relevant parachute equipment required to wear during the skydive. For your own comfort we recommend wearing leggings or tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt and sweat top to wear underneath the jump suit. For footwear, lace up trainers are strongly recommended, boots and jeans are not.
Both of these are generally fine. We have a range of goggles which can be used during your jump. Some of these are designed to fit over glasses (providing the glasses are not too big), and all goggles will protect the eyes and keep the contacts from being moved.
This really is down to you. If you are feeling OK and not too fatigued we can jump until sunset. There are no restrictions to the amount of jumps we can do in one day however, if your instructor determines that your performance is being threatened by fatigue then we will stop immediately and reconvene at a suitable time.
It is highly recommended that all non US residents and residents without health insurance take out an insurance policy for the duration of your stay that covers you for skydiving in the US with hospitalization and repatriation if required.
All of your instructional jumps will be filmed via an HD GoPro camera and offered to you at the end at no cost. Therefore please provide some sort of portable hard drive at the end to cross load.
No. The use of camera equipment by students is strictly prohibited.
You don’t have to be super human to jump out of a plane and therefore there are not many health restrictions. If you have a history of shoulder dislocations then please declare this too us as early as possible. Some countries on return from the US have stricter health declarations so please contact us for further clarification.
Nobody under the age of 18 or over the age of 50 will be accepted for initial training.

We don’t have any accommodation onsite but we are located only 20 minutes from Downtown San Diego. The local area has numerous hotels to suit all budgets. Please contact for recommendations.